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Want to charge 4 figures per hour?
How to charge >1,000€ per hour
Get Better Clients. Charge More. Play Like a Pro.
I'll tell you how I went from 15€ to over 1,500€/h.
Learn how I broke through my capacity to double my fees over and over again and how my clients keep on breaking through their pricing limitations.
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I'll show you the 3 major pillars to step up your game and charge what your services are really worth!
We’ll cover the ONLY secret action for you to get closer (or even beyond) 2X!

The #1 Mistake Experts Make When Scaling

What if there was a way to grow your expertise business staying in your zone of genius and NOT having to become a marketing guru?
Discover this secret hack in the training!

The 10X Offer Framework

See what it takes to 10X your offers. If you can’t see yourself upgrading your pricing, it’s going to be hard for your prospects to see it too…
It goes way beyond confidence skills. It’s actually simple math!

How to Find 5-Star Clients Who Pay Premium Prices

Learn what it takes to find dream clients that are craving your expertise, willing to pay in full and do the work.

What results do people get from applying this?

Your Host: Sébastien Roger de Nuñez
Sébastien Roger de Nuñez has an obsession with supporting visionary 6-figure coaches & experts to create even bigger impact. He’s helped many experts multiply their monthly revenue and grow their clients’ base.

He’s the co-founder of the Thought Leadership Academy, speaks 12 languages, and 4-time TEDx speaker. His first TEDx has reached over 275,000 views. He is also the host of Nuggets of Wisdom Podcast.

His clients have included international companies (REMAX), founders of fastest growing Inc. 5000 companies and Forbes-featured thought leaders. He’s been invited to many international entrepreneur conferences (DNX, Nomad Cruise), and coached dozens of speakers for their major talks and two full TEDx-editions.
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